What Happens to a Car When the Oil Level Is Low

What Happens to a Car When the Oil Level Is Low – Milford, OH

You know you have to change the oil in your car. But what exactly happens to a car when the oil level is low? Find out in this guide.

Most cars can go for 7,500 miles or more without having an oil change, but when the oil level gets low does not matter so long as you act when it does. While your vehicle might be able to carry on, it is only a matter of time before issues start to crop up. Are you aware that continuing to drive without resolving this situation can end up with you paying a lot for major engine repairs?

Below, we elaborate on what happens when you refuse to change the oil when it gets low. By the end, you should understand why checking in to an auto service center might be the best action if you are unsure what to do in such a situation.

Increased Vehicle Friction

As your engine runs without oil, the parts will not have any of the lubrication they need to run without rubbing against one another. This will cause a lot of friction in the engine as the moving parts do not move with the freedom they once did. Low oil dangers like these can cause increased engine attrition and even lead to a complete breakdown, so ensure you get an oil change when needed.

Car Engine Overheating

As the vehicle moves, it generates a lot of heat. Oil is one of the main ways the engine dissipates this heat as the fluid absorbs high temperatures and dissipates it.

Over time, if your vehicle continues to run while too hot, many issues may occur, such as the warping of the parts or even the water tank boiling over.

Increased Fuel Usage

If the vehicle does not have enough fuel, it will not be as efficient. Part of this is due to the increased friction, as described before, as the vehicle has to work harder to reach the same acceleration. Thus, you will use much more fuel, and running the vehicle will cost you much more.

How to Check the Oil Level

To ensure you have enough oil, park the vehicle and find the brightly-colored dipstick in your car. Clean it off, reinsert it into the engine where you got it from, then check how high the oil went. The dipstick should have markings that show you how low is too low, but if not, check your vehicle’s manufacturer manual for more information.

A low oil level sometimes indicates oil leaks in the engine, so it is important to look for these. If you would prefer, you can always talk to a qualified mechanic. They can often help you if you are unsure of what you are doing.

What to Do When You Have a Low Oil Level

With all the above, it should be obvious why an oil level is a disaster waiting to happen. If your engine light has started to warn you about your oil, it might be time to consult a professional.

If you are in the Milford, OH, area and need to know how to change oil, we can help you. We have experts in vehicular maintenance and repairs ready to get you back safely on the road. So, get in contact today and ensure your engine purrs as it should.