Brake Repair vs Replacement: When Is It Time?

Your brakes do a lot more than stop your vehicle. They could be the one thing preventing you from a crash. Approximately 22% of crashes happen each year from malfunctioning brakes.

Your brakes may make noise or seem less responsive. It’s hard to know what the problem is. Before you head in for brake service in Milford, Ohio, how do you know if it’s going to be a brake repair or a full replacement?

In this guide, we look at the symptoms of brake pads that need the touch of an auto mechanic or a trip to the junkyard.

When to Get Brake Repair

Brakes need regular replacement, and the average brake lifespan is about 20,000 to 60,000 miles. Before that point, issues can arise that only require a quick repair. Let’s look at a few common brake problems.

Vehicle Pulls Left or Right

Your vehicle should maintain a straight course when your hands are off the wheel. However, you may notice your vehicle veering off course left or right. There’s a good chance one of your brakes is out of alignment and needs an adjustment.

Squeaking Sounds

Your brakes shouldn’t make much noise when you engage them. If you notice your brakes squeaking, this could be a sign that they are dirty or installed poorly. A simple fix may be all they need to work well again.


Your vehicle may vibrate loudly when using the brakes, which may cause the cabin to shake. This is usually a sign that the brakes are out of alignment.

Instead of clamping down on the rotor evenly, they do so at the wrong angle and cause vibration. In that case, a realignment may be all you need.

When to Get Brake Replacement

You should get your brakes checked about once every six months at your Milford, OH, mechanic or every 25,000 miles. At some point, though, it’s time to swap them out. Here are the signs: your brakes are kaput, and they need a retirement.

It Takes Longer to Stop

Your brakes should stop your vehicle easily, even at high speeds. Once they wear down too much, though, it takes longer and longer to bring your vehicle to a complete stop. Bring your vehicle to a mechanic ASAP if brake performance is worsening.

Brake Pad Indicator Light Switches On

Some modern vehicles include brake warning lights. This will indicate an issue with your brakes, in particular, if they need replacement. Take your car to a mechanic as soon as you see it.

Thin Brake Pads

Brake pads rely on friction to bring your vehicle to a stop. This wears them thin until, one day, they are no longer capable of doing so. Thin brake pads are a vehicular hazard and need immediate replacement.

Drop by Day Heights Auto Service

When you visit a mechanic for a brake-related issue, it’s either time for brake repair or a full replacement. Offset vehicle orientation, squeaking sounds, and vibrations indicate it’s time for routine brake maintenance. Poor stopping, thin brakes, or indicator lights are signs it’s time for a complete swap-out.

Looking for brake service in Milton, OH? Look no further than Day Heights. Book our brake repair and maintenance service if you notice the above issues.