The average monthly cost to maintain a car and pay monthly bills is $433. While that’s not a lot of money for some, it can quickly increase if you don’t do what you need to do to take care of your car to increase longevity.

You must take auto repair seriously. Otherwise, you’ll be looking for a new car sooner than you’d like. Here are some auto maintenance tips you will want to know about.

1. Get An Oil Change

While this might not seem at the top of your list, it should be! Oil levels are one of the first things checked when solving engine problems. If you’re unsure how often you should change the oil in your car, you can check this by pulling out your owner’s manual.

It should detail how often to get an oil change based on the recommendation of the manufacturer of the car. Once you determine a schedule you will use for oil changes, make sure it’s something you can stick with.

Not getting your oil changed routinely can lead to problems affecting how your engine runs. When you get your oil changed, ensure you’re using the right type of oil.

2. Get Your Brakes Checked

The last thing you want to do when you seek to drive with confidence is quickly lose that confidence because your car won’t stop. Problems with your breaks not only affect you, but it can also lead to an accident that affects others around you.

A good rule of thumb is to have the brakes assessed every six months. If this isn’t something you can stick to, we recommend having the brakes assessed whenever you get your tires looked at or rotated. Getting brake service and brake repair should go on your list of auto maintenance.

3. Assess the A/C System

If you enjoy driving with the windows down in the warmer months, that’s fantastic, but when it gets cold and your air conditioner doesn’t warm the inside, it can become a problem. Auto maintenance should be performed on your air conditioning system to ensure it’s running properly.

The professionals who assess your unit will determine if any leaks need repair or if your coolant needs a refill. Remember, it’s easier to fix something minor than to let it go and have to fix something more significant in the future.

4. See a Pro When It Matters

We understand the internet is everyone’s best friend, but it shouldn’t be used for everything. If something is going on with your car and you’re not sure what’s happening, take your car to a car care specialist.

They’ve been trained to understand the ins and outs of car care and repair and will understand how to run comprehensive diagnostics of your vehicle.

Auto Repair: One Car At A Time

When it comes to auto repair, there are several things that should be listed on your list to check when you take your car in to be looked at. Ensure you get a routine oil change, and don’t forget to check your brakes.

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